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Custom Plush Design and Project Management

Take your company to the next level with custom plush!

Character goods are a wonderful way to connect your customers to your brand and keep your characters fresh in your fans' minds. Ready to take your IP from screen to reality? We can help!

Design, Prototyping & Manufacturing

With over five years of product design expertise, let us handle the often-frustrating work of adapting your characters into appealing plush designs. We have a strong relationship with our manufacturers and will make sure that your product is as high-quality as the goods we sell through inki-Drop. 

Need guidance on what to do AFTER production? What about customs? Shipping? Is storage a pain? We can offer suggestions for that, too.

Crowdfunding Strategy & Management

Not sure if a product idea will resonate with your core audience? Try a Kickstarter campaign. We can offer general advice, such as creating realistic and appealing tiers and rewards that are cost-effective, or you can let us handle all the nitty gritty details of running a crowdfunding campaign on your behalf. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Q's

My company is just me/My company is really small. Can you help me?

Yes! As an indie company ourselves, we would love to work with individuals trying to find their footing as they take their first few steps in the product business. Let's grow together!

How long does plush production usually take?

Prototyping can take anywhere from a month to six months of revisions to get a good result, depending on the complexity of the original design. Production time (which includes shipping to the US west coast) is usually three months. Processing through customs may add a few weeks to a month as well. You're looking at an average of five months before you will have a saleable product. 

I'm not an artist or game dev, can you still help me with my crowdfunding project?

We're interested in working with all sorts of clients, but our strengths play to working with those in the art/illustration and game development disciplines. That being said, we would be happy to offer our design services and/or general crowdfunding advice if your idea doesn't fit into the above categories.

I think I'm ready to work with you! Where do I sign?

Please understand that we are very selective about the clients we work with and the projects we work on--please fill out the form linked below. If we feel you're a good fit for us, we'll be in touch! 

Applications are currently OPEN!

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Past Projects

Below are the Kickstarter projects we've created in the past. Using the knowledge we've gleaned in the areas of suppliers, best practices and customer fulfilment, we would love to help make your idea the best it can be!